Structured Wiring

South shore Montreal telecommunication structured wiring

The best telecommunication cable installations, Data and Voice, Home Automation and accessories.

Connexia Telecom offers multiple solutions in structured wiring. We give recommendation on conception, installation of computer networking and telephony, infrastructure from the main computer room to all workstations.

Our installation are certified and guaranteed by the manufacturer for a period of 25 years.

  • Conception and engineering of wired network (PTNB, Optical Fiber, Coaxial)
  • Wiring and installation of network (LAN, WAN, DATA, VOICE, VIDEO)
  • Equipment installation (commutator, concentrator, power supplies AC/DC)
  • Project Management
  • Quality analysis
  • Maintenance and Troubleshooting
  • Tests & certification
  • 25 Years Guarantee (Hubbell premise wiring)

Connexia Telecom gives you the ideal solution adapted to your needs in voice and data wiring installations. We install most of the industries reliable products, and we adjust to our customer’s demands and needs.

Our partnership with telecommunication products manufacturers allows us to guarantee and certify our products and installation in order to meet the most recent standards established by the market.

We conceive installation conform to the industry standards of type:

Data Wiring & Telephony wiring installation: CAT 3, CAT 5, CAT 5e, CAT6, CAT6a, CAT7

We offer facilities corresponding to industry standards EIA/TIA 568, CSA, ANSI, IEEE, BICSI, OSI and ISO.

Coaxial cables are used between the television’s antennas and television’s receivers. They can also be used for wifi’s antenna and also for sound processing equipment such as the amplifier, the microphone and the CD player. They are often used for the camera signals. Connexia has all the expertise to install coaxial cables such as (Rg6, Rg59, RG11) and audio cables as (strand cable 2 for speaker, microphone cable XLR, RCA, 1/8, ¼). We perform the installation of custom connectors by crimping or by the welding.

At Connexia, we are convinced that automation is the lifestyle of tomorrow. Many households are already equipped and this trend is increasing. This solution will rapidly become a must for professionals.

Home automation allows, among other energy saving, intelligent and intuitive management of all of the building’s electrical functions or even to support people with limited autonomy with solutions for day-to-day life...

Whether to improve safety, comfort and communication, the future of home automation is flourishing.

Connexia Telecom knows the extreme conditions that professionals face every day. To answer the most difficult and the most stringent requirements in terms of reliability, durability and safety. Our cable ladders are designed for professionals. The heaviest loads can be supported within your facilities.

Connexia Telecom sell wiring installation product such as:

  • Rackmount
  • Telecommunications rack
  • Cabinet
  • Connection Panel
  • Cable cover
  • Connectivity Accessories

Connexia Telecom is proud to be partner with Hubbell hubbell