South shore Montreal telecommunication sound paging multi sources areas

Optimize your communications into your business with our paging devices, speakers, multi-source and multi-areas.

To inform and alert your customers, employees or visitors of a public space, Connexia sells and installs a wide range of broadcast and sound reinforcement systems (paging).

All our facilities are available for indoors and outdoors. This type of system is the perfect tool for an effective dissemination of information or commercial messages, both indoors and outdoors of a building or a specific area.

Moreover, in order to improve the ambiance in your institution or your waiting room, you can also use a system of broadcast and sound (paging) to stream background music, web radio, sound recording, radio announcements or any other audio source with the possibility of organizing this broadcast in different areas according to your needs.

We offer a wide range of multi-source amplifiers to cover all your needs: CD player, AM / FM tuner, USB port, MP3 recorder, SD Card. Our specialists will advise you for the equipment you need.

Our multi-areas sound systems allow the switching of 20 areas and the volume setting for each area from the CPU. Our devices can integrate an MP3 CD player and / or an FM / AM tuner according to your premises.

Looking for an impeccable sound and image quality? Connexia can install and configure your conference rooms according to your needs, whether the installation of high-quality speakers, microphones installed in the ceiling or on a table, conference cameras , wall size TV or HD projectors.