Optical Fiber

South shore Montreal telecommunication optical fiber installation

We have made our mark with Videotron and Allstream realizing partly horizontal and vertical distribution of their local networks for Montreal.

Connexia Telecom offers superior quality in optical fibre installation.

We have made our mark AT&T Canada and Groupe Telecom undertaking the horizontal and vertical distribution of their local networks.

Connexia can provide you with accurate recommendation in optical fiber installation. We offer a multitude of optical fiber related products, such as; mono and multi-mode fiber from 2 to 96 pins.

  • Interior and exterior mono-mode optical fiber
  • Interior and exterior multi-mode optical fiber
  • Cabinet
  • SC or ST Connector
  • Optical fiber equipment
  • Patch cord
  • Testings and results

The multi-mode fiber supports multiple light signals simultaneously while mono-mode only support one.

The multimode fibers are not more economical than single-mode fibers, however they use active devices (switches, converters) less expensive.

Usually, multi-mode fibers are preferred for computer networks: the distances are not too important and active equipment are numerous.

Single-mode fibers are used for telecommunication applications, distances are important and the active devices are reduced.

If the answer seems obvious, keep in mind that the cable aim is to protect the optical fiber from the environment around your facility.

Indoors: the cables do not need to be as strong to protect the fibers, but they should possess quality of fire protection, called "flame retardant."

Outdoors: it will be necessary to check if the cable is pulled into a pipe, placed high, buried in the ground or even under water. Many other factors are to be considered as:

  • Moisture
  • Traction during installation
  • Exposure to chemicals
  • Thermic changes
  • Or even the proximity to rodents

The OTDR (Optical Time-Domain Reflectometer) are testing instruments both useful and efficient for our fiber optic cable installations. Handled by one of our skilled technicians, the OTDR can measure the length of the cable, check the splice loss and locate defaults.

In some cases, the OTDR can measure the loss of a cable network.

Fusion is the most efficient technique of permanent connection for fiber optic in the market.

It is an indispensable solution for single-mode fiber. The optical fiber fusion is unrivaled because the optical fibers are permanently bonded together using an electric arc.